Build a regular income renting out your assets.

With 2ndLease, you can now earn a regular income by renting out your furniture and appliances.

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Why you’ll love being a partner


Regular Payments

Receive a regular monthly payment for every rented item.

Simple Dashboard

Monthly reports & a simple dashboard to manage your inventory.

No office, no boss

Work on your own schedule

No Administration

Let 2ndLease handle the boring stuff so you can focus on your customers.

What does 2ndLease do for you?


Payment Processing

2ndLease processes all payments individualls and send you a single rental income payment on a monthly basis.


Customer Verification

Each potential customer for your appliances is verified by 2ndLease to ensure they are the right customer for you.


Terms and Conditions

All customers that rent appliances through the 2ndLease platform are subject to standard legally binding terms and conditions.


Partner Support Service

Our team at 2ndLease are here to help you every step of the way.

What do you need to get started?


Delivery Method

Acess to a suitable vehicle that can deliver your appliances to your customers inventory.


The more assets you rent out with 2ndLease the larger your regular income will grow.

Can do attitude

Keeping the customer happy is your main priority and will help your business grow 

Ambition to grow

Think of yourself as a business, you’ll only get out what you put in! 

Here's what some of our partners say

After being an appliance dealer for a few years, 2ndLease was the perfect method of finding an extra income stream. In under 3 months, I've built an income of over $500 a month with only a few hours of work per month.”


Geoffrey S.

“2ndLease’s marketplace has been an ideal way for me to de-clutter my household whilst earning some extra cash. It’s incredibly satisfying to see my previously unused appliances go to a home and renter in need.”


Tim A.

“My Partnership with 2ndLease has been a simple and efficient way to earn some extra monthly income. The team there are friendly and helpful and have handled any difficulties I have had with ease.”


Brendan N.

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