Partners FAQ

I'm interested in listing my items

How does 2ndLease work?

2ndLease is a rental marketplace which allows you to rent household items out to people in your community. We provide all the tools for you to rent out products such as inventory management system, payment processing, partner dashboard and debt management system. This way, you get to focus on what you do best - Supplying quality items!

What are the terms when I rent out my products with 2ndLease?

All agreements are month-to-month, meaning the customer can rent it for as little or long as they like.

How do I list my items with 2ndLease?

Head over to our How to List Items page for a simple guide on how to put your items up with 2ndLease.

I have some working appliances but they are in storage and need a clean, can I still list them?

Yes, as long as they are working fine, all you will need to do is clean them and you can list them with 2ndlease.

Who are my items rented to?

Your items are rented out to approved customers in your local community.

How does 2ndLease approve customers?

All renters are required to submit certain documentation to be approved as a 2ndLease renter. You can see what they're required to submit on our required documentation page.

Can I transfer my partner account to someone else?

Yes, we're more than happy for you to transfer your partner account, as long as the new partner agrees to the same terms and conditions.

I've listed my item

I've listed my items, what now?

Make sure that your appliances are clean and working so that when it gets rented they're ready for delivery.

Can customers message me with enquiries about the item's I have listed?

Yes,renters can send you a message directly through the 2ndLease platform as an enquiry about your product. When a customer sends you a message via 2ndLease you will receive an email of the message where you can respond by simply replying to the email.

What can I do to get more orders?

We have found that what drives orders most is variety. The broader your range is, the more likely you will suit the needs of renters out there. Secondly, lowering your prices will encourage competitiveness in your area. Lastly, we encourage your to share your listings in local Facebook buy swap sell groups or on the Facebook marketplace.

How quickly do I need to respond to an order?

The simple answer is that the sooner you respond the better. The majority of our customers order with urgency, so it's important that you get in contact as soon as possible to see when they need their product.

How do I edit a listing?

To edit a listing, log into your partner dashboard and select the item you would like to edit. Select 'edit' make your changes and save the item.

How many items can I list at once?

There is no limit to how many items you can upload to the platform at once.

How do you determine the monthly rent for each appliance?

The golden rule is that the 12 month rental price will equate to approximately 12-months worth of rent. For example, a fridge that would sell for $480 would be listed at $40 per month. Whilst you get to make the final decision on pricing, we're here to help if necessary.

Do I need to test and tag my appliances?

Each state has its own regulations around the testing and tagging of electric equipment. It is the partner's responsibility to understand and adhere to the local regulations.

I've received an order

I just received an order, what do I do?

Firstly, please ring the customer to organise a delivery time. If they do not pick up, make sure you follow it up with a text message. Then, double check that the products you're delivering are clean and working.

If a customer has ordered one of my products, can they message me?

Yes, renters can send you a message directly through the 2ndLease platform to discuss the finder details of an order, delivery or product. When a customer sends you a message via 2ndLease you will receive an email of the message where you can respond by simply replying to the email.

What if I can't complete my own deliveries?

Whilst doing your own deliveries can be a great way to earn additional income, we understand it might be difficult for some partners to do so. For alternative delivery arrangements, please contact

How much do I earn for deliveries and collections?

The price you charge to rent your items should factor in the cost of delivering and collecting the goods during each agreement. 2ndLease can help you determine what area you wish to service to ensure its economical, typically 10km-40km from your home. Note: For deliveries with stairs or items that require two or more people, an additional fee is charged to cover this cost for you.

Why is the cost of delivery and collection factored into the rental amount?

To make it friendlier to the customer, we factor the delivery price into the monthly rental. This boosts sales by making it more affordable.

What if I change my mind and need my appliance back?

If the goods are between agreement, you can remove their listing at any time via the partner dashboard. If the goods are under agreement you will have to wait until the end of the lease for them to be returned.

How long are items usually rented for?

All 2ndLease renters have different needs and therefore different rental periods. However, we have found the average rental period to be around 10-12 months.

What are my responsibilities whilst the product is rented out?

You are required to continue servicing the customer whilst they are renting your item. If your customer's appliance breaks, you are expected to repair or replace their item.

One of my orders is about to end

How do I know the item will be returned in the same condition I delivered it in?

While we can't guarantee the future condition of the item, the renter is responsible for any damage or loss to the goods, aside from normal wear and tear. 2ndLease screens all of their customers to ensure that we only lease your products to credible renters.

If there is compensation for loss or damage of my good, how is the value determined?

If the good breaks not at the fault of the renter, we will immediately notify you to receive a course of action. Our general rule of thumb is that the value of the item is equal to approximately twelve (12) month’s rent. However in some cases, an items worth may exceed this value. In this case compensation from the renter would be similar to the items cost value.

What if I get my appliances back and they're dirty?

If you're appliances are are returned in a state that is significantly worse then when you delivered the product, we can organise to charge the customer for an extra cleaning fee.

I only have a few items, can I still put them on 2ndLease?

As long as you have a method of storage and delivery, alongside the ability to repair or replace any of your items that stop working, you're more than welcome to become a partner. We strongly recommend that partners with small inventories have backup products or are experienced in repairing.

What happens if I've rented my item out and I don't want it back?

As a partner it is your responsibility have both the goods delivered to the renter and returned to your address upon the renter's request for return.

Account and Payment

When will I get paid my monthly income?

Payments are made to 2ndLease partners on a monthly basis, during the second full week of the following month. Partners will receive a monthly statement detailing the breakdown of their rented goods and income generated by each product.

What happens if my renter doesn't pay?

We verify all of our customers to ensure we only rent out to those with a proven identity and sufficient credit score. However, in the case of non-payment 2ndLease has a collection management system to follow up the customer until payment is made.

Does 2ndLease have a debt management system?

Yes, 2ndLease's debtor management system is a comprehensive automatically follows up renters in the case of an outstanding payment.

Does 2ndLease have a partner service fee?

Yes, 2ndLease takes a 20% processing fee for every delivery and rental payment. This is to compensate for all the features we provide to you, including inventory management system, payment processing, partner dashboard and debt management system.