Renters FAQ

I'm enquiring

I only need to rent for a short period, can I do that?

Yes, all rentals are month to month meaning you can rent for as long as you like, however short term surcharges may apply for rentals less than 8 months.

How does 2ndLease work?

2ndLease is a rental marketplace allowing you to rent household items from people in your community. To rent an item, simply enter your location and browse goods in your area. Once you've found an item that suits your needs, simply add it to your cart and confirm your order.

What are the terms when I rent with 2ndLease?

2ndLease offers month-to-month renting, no lock-in contracts and replacement guarantee.

How do I message the partner about a product I'm interested in?

You can send an enquiry directly to a partner by clicking 'Ask a Question' on a product page, before clicking 'Product Related Enquiry'. From there, enter your name, email and message to the partner, and click 'Send'. When the partner responds to your enquiry, you will receive an email, and you can respond to their response by replying to their email.

What condition are the goods in and are the goods cleaned?

All goods rented through 2ndLease are typically 2ndhand, however must be of a certain quality to be approved on the 2ndLease platform. Partners are required to ensure their goods are clean and operable before they are listed.

What is 2ndLease's refund policy?

Customers can request a refund of their order if their request is made 24hrs prior to the goods being dispatched. Refunds are not given after the goods have been dispatched, however we do provide very flexible terms so you can return the goods at any time so long as notice is given.

I'm looking for something that isn't on the platform yet, can you find it for me?

We sure can! Just submit a request for a product via our product request page and we'll try our best to source the product for you as quickly as possible. We may not have any partners in your area yet, if you think there should be, submit a product request anyway.

Is there a delivery fee?

No, 2ndLease is all about affordable access to the goods you need. Our partners take care of the delivery process, saving you money and time. *charges may apply if there are stairs or an additional person required.

What are the benefits in renting with 2ndLease over a traditional retailer?

Consumer behaviour is changing to favour renting of assets over ownership as we continually prioritise flexibility and convenience more and more. People are finding that renting goods lets them enjoy the important things in life, without worrying about the burden or hassle of ownership.

Is there a minimum rental period?

There are no minimum rental periods when renting through 2ndLease, however short term surcharges may apply.

Where do the goods come from?

It depends on the product you're ordering, but typically you'll be renting from suppliers in your community we refer to as 'partners'. As a marketplace, we have partners across all of Australia.These partners may be individuals or small to medium sized appliances businesses who all have a passion for their products.

I'm making an order

How do I place an order?

Once you've found the right good, simply add the product to your cart and complete the checkout. Before your order is approved, you must submit your documentation, which can be done here. You will be asked to do this upon receiving your confirmation email after placing an order.

What happens after my order has been placed?

Once your order has been placed, you will be prompted to submit your documentation. You can submit your documentation and learn about the process here.

What happens if my order has been approved?

Once your order is approved, your local supplier will contact you to arrange either pickup or delivery as per your order.

What happens if my order has been declined?

Unfortunately some orders are declined due to insufficient documentation or it does not meet 2ndLease requirements. In this case your order will be cancelled and refunded in a timely manner.

What happens if the submit checkout button says 'please review your delivery address and installation details'?

This means either you haven't entered your delivery address, or that one or more of your products in not available in your area. Check the products in your shopping cart and remove the products with the red cross. Please review your delivery and installation details to ensure you haven't missed any fields.

How do I cancel an order before it's been delivered?

No problem, log into your account and click "Return an item". From there you will see a list of your orders. Choose the order which corresponds to the item you want to return and select 'Return this item'

I'm renting

How do I message the partner who owns the item I'm renting?

You can start a conversation with your partner directly once your order has been approved to discuss the finer details of your order or item. You can do this by logging into your 2ndLease account, selecting 'Contact Supplier' below 'Messages', and clicking 'Send Message' on the item you have an enquiry about. The reply will be received via your email address.

What if my goods break down?

The 2ndLease replacement guarantee ensures that if at anytime your goods breakdown, we will replace it with a similar product or better, at no cost to you.

If your good has stopped working, please report an issue through the product under order history in your 2ndLease account.

To submit a report, please log into your 2ndLease account and click ‘View your order history’. Select ‘view order’ on the relevant order, and click ‘report an issue’ on the relevant item you’re having an issue with.

What do I do if I have a query about the product or its use?

Contact the partner if you have a question about the product or it's use. If the partner does not respond within a reasonable time or is unable to assist you, please contact 2ndLease at

Can I transfer my rented appliance to someone else?

Yes, we can organise the appliance to be transferred to someone else's name at that address. Simply call or email us, so we can get their details to arrange a new agreement to set up for payment and communication., and so we can send you details of the change.

I am moving house, can I move the goods I'm renting?

Yes, just make sure you notify us immediately if you plan on moving any of the rented goods. Furthermore, you need to get prior approval from the partner via 2ndLease, as you can only move within the partner service area.

Can I upgrade or downsize to a different item?

We understand circumstances change, so if you need to upsize or make a change, we allow you to upgrade or downsize at any time. Just send through an email to us on so we can help. Your upgrade or change in item may result in additional delivery, collection and/ or rental costs.

What happens if I accidentally damage an item whilst I'm renting it?

We understand that accidents do happen. If you happen to damage the good whilst you're borrowing it, you will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Please contact 2ndLease via your account to report on the issue.

What if I want to buy my product?

If you are so happy with your product that you want to buy it, you can submit an offer to purchase the product via your account.


Can I build my own package?

Absolutely, you can customise your own package by heading to the categories page and selecting the first room which you need to furnish. You can then customise the contents of your room with the options in the sidebar. When you're done, simply add the product to your cart and head back to the categories page to personalise your next room!

Will I need to insure the item while I rent it?

You are responsible for the item while it is in your possession. If you choose not to have contents insurance, any loss or damage to items will be your sole financial responsibility.

What is the minimum rental period for packages?

There are no minimum terms with packages, however a surcharge may be applied at checkout for periods under 8 months.

How long does delivery for a package take?

Please allow up to 5 days, however it may be quicker depending on the availability of the stock.

Is delivery, collection and assembly included?

Yes - Delivery, collection and assembly is included in all orders.

How much do I pay at checkout?

At the checkout you'll just be required to pay the first week's rent.

Account and Payment

What costs do I need to pay at checkout?

On checkout, you will pay the first month rental payment and the 2ndLease service fee.

How do I update my payment details?

To update your payment details, log into your account and on the account dashboard click 'Update your payment details' under 'my account'. From there, please fill in the form according to your payment schedule.

How do I pay my monthly rent?

You will be charged a direct debit to the same payment details you entered upon checkout.

When is my monthly rental payment taken?

The monthly rental payment is either the 1st or the 15th of each month, depending on when you ordered the product.

What happens if my payment is declined?

You will receive a reminder notice if your payment is not processed, which includes the outstanding invoice please follow the instructions and pay urgently.

Do you charge any hidden fees or interest?

Whilst we don't charge any interest whatsoever, we do charge a small service fee for 2ndLease to cover the costs of the 2ndLease platform.

What payment options are available?

All payments are made online through 2ndLease, accepting Visa and MasterCard. Payments are charged monthly and must be paid in advance. Invoices can be paid via the pay now button or via the bank details provided.

I think I might struggle to afford my payment this month, what do I do?

If you have insufficient funds available on the day of payment, call us before your payment is due to be taken to make alternative payment arrangements. Penalties may apply if your payment is not received and you have not contacted us. Please see your rental agreement terms and conditions for details.

Do I have to pay a deposit as security?

No - We found it was preventing some of our customers from accessing the things they need most. So instead, all we do is take your credit card details as security, however we will only charge authorised payments.

I can't log in to my account, what should I do?

First, try the 'reset password' button on the login screen. This will send a password reset to the inbox of the email attached to your account. If this doesn't work, send an email with your name and problem to Please make sure that if you're a customer you're logging in through the customer portal and if you're a partner, you're logging in through the partner portal

How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, log into your 2ndLease account and select 'Edit your account information'.

How do I update my address details?

To update your address book, log into your 2ndLease account and select 'Modify your address book entries'. From there you can then choose to edit an existing address or create a new one.

Where can I view my order?

You can view your order by logging into your 2ndLease account and viewing your order histor

I'm having trouble uploading my verification documents

If the submit documentation page isn't working for you, email your documents directly to

How do I change my password?

You can change your 2ndLease password through either My Account once logged in, or by selecting 'Forgotten Password' on the login page.

Can I pay cash when my product is delivered?

No, all 2ndLease payments are done electronically.


How long does delivery usually take?

Typically 1-3 days after the order and customers documents have been approved, depending on the delivery schedule of the partner and availability of the customer.

What happens if the goods are not delivered when they are supposed to be?

First, contact the delivery person to double check their status. If you haven't heard anything back frmo them, please contact 2ndLease at or call 1300 633 015.

How do I know I have received the right item?

When you receive the goods you will be asked to sign the delivery docket that confirms you have received the product you ordered. If there are any issues please call 1300 633 015 (M-F 9-5pm) or email and we will take care of any issues. 2ndLease guarantees your appliance will work, and if it stops working we will replace it with an equal standard good as soon as possible.

Can I pick up the goods myself?

Some partners allow you to collect an item from their location. You will be able to view this option at checkout.

I need my goods delivered at a certain time, is this possible?

Whilst all of our partners will try to fit into your schedule, this may not always be possible. Once the order has been placed and approved, the partner will contact you to work out the best time for delivery.


How do I return an item?

Login to your 2ndLease account and click 'return an item under the 'My Orders' heading. From there, select the item you would like to return and select 'view order' on the item you would like to return. From there, select the blue button which says 'Return this item' under the action column.

Do I need to clean the items before I return them?

Just as you would expect the partner to provide you a clean product, we expect that all rental items are handed back in the same condition they were delivered (clean!). A cleaning fee may be charged if items are returned exceptionally dirty or stained.

What happens if the goods are not collected when they are supposed to be?

Please contact 2ndLease at or call 1300 633 015 and a member of our customer success team will assist you.

Security and Verification

Why does 2ndLease need to verify me?

2ndLease verifies it's renters to ensure they are who they say they are, and that they can afford to pay for the goods they ordered.

What documents do I need to show to be a 2ndLease renter?

As a renter you are required to submit certain documentation to be approved to rent an item. You can see what you're required to provide on our required documentation page.

Are my payments secure?

All payments are done via eWAY which is an encrypted payment gateway. Furthermore, your payment details are held securely by eWAY.

What is CreditSense?

Credit Sense is a secure third party application that is integrated with 24 banks in Australia, and enables users to provide their bank transaction data seamlessly through a secure connection. Credit Sense do not keep your internet banking credentials. Your credentials are encrypted when you enter them, passed to your bank to gain access to your transaction history and then permanently deleted. By logging into your netbank you are simply enabling your bank to provide your transaction data with Credit Sense, which is collated and provided to 2ndlease in a simple report. This is not a credit check, your data is not shared with any other parties. For more information you can visit