Young Professional Furniture Rental

Our flexible terms and no lock in contracts are perfect if you need temporary fit out for your apartment.



The constantly changing work environment for young professionals means it is common to be moving for short periods of time to accommodate company needs. As ambitious and work orientated people we know you have little time to spend looking for new accommodation every few months let alone the time and money to completely furnish a new home every time you move.

2ndLease helps you with free delivery and installation, making your life that little bit easier. Our diverse range of furniture packages to furnish your home with means you can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. We offer a range of packages furnish just one bedroom or three.



These can include fridges, freezers, washing machines, beds, sofas and much more. If you are moving around frequently and don’t know how long you will be in one place, then 2ndLease is for you. With no lock-in contracts you can flexibly rent your household goods for as long as you need.

Why rent through 2ndLease?


Packages to suit your budget


No Lock-in Contracts*


Replacement Guarantee


Free Delivery & Installation

Other Benefits


Upgrade or downsize

The flexibility to change the size or quality of your goods at any time.


Customer support

Call, live chat, or book a meeting with our support team at any time.


Quality assured

All appliances have been tested to ensure they're are working prior to delivery.


No exit or monthly fees

Our guarantee involves no hidden fees.

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*Please note a surcharge may apply for rental periods under 6 months. All surcharges are clearly stated on the checkout.